DirtyGranny.co.uk Review

GrannySexDates.co.uk Review

Dating sites are a revolutionary way to casually hook up with other people, and they’ve been around for quite some time. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business model which is bound to have some negative things tied to it, mainly because other people want to make a copy and siphon some of that money a horny guy would gladly pay for a mature lady’s company, back into their pockets.

Unfortunately, scams like DirtyGranny are bound to show up from time to time. They’re carefully crafted to gain your trust before actually taking your money. You’re eased into the granny sex site, there are sexy pics, a lot of choices, and, before you know it, they’re stealing from you. Here you’ll see how it happens, and also how to avoid similar places.

What Kind of a Scam Is DirtyGranny?

First of all, the site looks totally legit, it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it holds up quite nicely. The homepage is littered with potential grannies you can chat with, and they change depending on the location you’ve chosen. The actual coverage of the UK is immense, or at least they’ve got the “profiles” for them.

  • England – 80+ counties
  • Wales – 20+ counties
  • Scotland – 30+ counties
  • Northern Ireland – 20+ counties

Each one of those counties contains a bunch of cities, so the scale makes it seem believable, right? Well, it sure adds to their credibility, someone seeing the granny dating site for the first time could be fooled easily, or someone who is less computer literate. Maybe the hot profiles do their magic because they’re set up nicely.

Some of these older ladies have more pics, others have less, usually in sexy positions, with some of their “personal” info listed. It’s quite vague, like where they’re from, their marital status, age, drinking/smoking, that kind of stuff, which honestly no one is paying attention to if they want a quick shag.

It’s deliberately left like that as to not give too much personality to pictures of random women, or at least the guys who are texting you in their place. The whole site revolves around getting you to set up an account, which is free of course, it’s a gimmick to make the whole site seem like the real thing.

How Do They Steal My Money?

When you set up the account and browse all the old ladies, you surely will find some that are looking like you should score them. The only way to approach them is through messages, and you get to write one for free. Possibilities of getting an answer from that first text you wrote are slim to none, and this is also planned.

It alludes to them not actually being active, which is also a way to build trust, see, she didn’t answer, so this place has to be legit! Maybe some other grannies will, all you need to do is buy your pass to write more messages, which isn’t a pass per se, you’re paying a certain amount of money for a flat number of texts you can send on this granny sex dating website.

  • £10 – 8 messages
  • £25 – 25 messages
  • £50 – 55 messages
  • £90 – 110 messages

That is a lot! You can burn through £90 in a day, and want to bet what you’d get for it? The answer is nothing. You would go back and forth with a supposed “granny”, and you would get teased, played around with, and waste your money. In reality, you’re chatting with some guy from a third-world country who is getting paid pennies to chat with you, pretending to be a girl 

I have to hand it to these guys, they have certainly made a fine-looking scam, but it’s got some faults. First of all, it’s too detailed, not even live cam sites, which are more popular, are able to cover the whole country like this site is, let alone every town and city, and it’s confirmed by their traffic which is non-existent.

With so many “accounts” it should be amongst the top-ranked sites in the country, and it’s not ranked at all. The URLs to model profiles are set up as “dirty-grannies-in*insert city*-*model name-”, which means that they’re pre-set, not organically made by real users.

DirtyGranny Is a Certified Scam Site!

It’s not the first, nor the last time that these granny hook up sites pop up, along with their insane prices because it’s so rare for people to get hooked up on them, so they want to make sure you get properly robbed. Let’s get real here, for that kind of money you are better off hitting the streets and finding a real girl.

Or you could go on a webcam site and pay far less for far more, again, with real grannies. Not only would you waste your money on DirtyGranny, but they could very well steal your credit card info and dry it out to the last drop. There are far too many risks involved, after all, that’s all you’re getting with a fraudulent site like this one, so if I was you, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.