Review Review is a dating website from the UK that has been online since 2013. You think that it should be on top of their game by now, but from the design of their website to some of the basic features they are offering, you can tell they are here only to take your money. On the landing page they are stating that they have a massive granny library, state of the art privacy controls, and moderators check everybody’s profile when they first register with them. The truth is, it is all lies I am afraid.

What is offering?

The site does not allow you to see any profiles, if you are not registered as a member. If you do decide to register with them, you will need to upload basic personal information, your public photo and confirm your email address.

Keep in mind that you will have no privacy when you upload your public photo and since there is no way to mask your images on, anybody can see you. Usually, you can upload a certain numbers of pictures to your profile.

However, all members with similar profiles and with a paid membership can see your photos. Some dating sites offer different types of security, such as immediately detecting that your privacy might be compromised and redirecting you to another website. This important feature is not available on, so you will have to be extra careful when you are submitting sensitive information into their data base.

On website, basic search criteria will offer you to choose gender, age, presence of profile photos and users who are currently online. Regional searches are available to identify people interested in dating in your location.

These features would be great if you have a lot of horny grannies on your desired platform, but on this website, it is a total waste of time. Extended searches are available using more specialized criteria, which you would not need because there is not much to choose from. MyGrannySexDates is the best choice for those that need real dating experience.

A little bit overpriced if you ask me.

In terms of service, acknowledges that every moderator will encourage you to pay for your premium membership. In that case you can have a conversation with other paid members of this website. However, most users find this to be deceptive as there is no possibility to actually date these individuals.

Typically, it can be hard to receive enough attention from other members. This is primarily because there are members with similar profiles making it difficult to stand out. There are no trial plans on so you will need paid priority listing in their search results, which enables your profile to be seen by more users. Here is their pricing:

  1. Premium Subscription with Credit Card

1 Month costs €39.87 

3 Months cost €79.80 

6 Months cost €119.72 

1 Year costs €199.57

  1. Premium Subscription with SMS

1 Month costs €57.04 

3 Months cost €102.67 

6 Months cost €159.71

I would not recommend, and the general impression of the whole experience is disappointing. If you are looking for more mature dating website, I think it is better to look elsewhere. is obsolete.