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Dating is boring, oftentimes too time-consuming without much good coming out of it, but doing it online has changed the entire landscape. Of course, this also means that everyone is hurling towards easy money, and you should be wary of scammers. GrannyFuckDating has been on our radar for quite some time, so we’re finally ready to unveil the whole picture to you.

It takes some time to even get the account approved, so they’re seemingly caring about their users, right? Well, that’s hardly true, you need to look a bit deeper to understand why they want to create a false sense of privacy and protection. The answer could be quite simple – money, but it’s not that easy.

How Am I Being Scammed?

The catch with these types of granny sex dating sites is that you’re willingly giving away private information, your e-mail, credit card info, country and city of residence, all the juicy stuff. While it doesn’t have to be used to get your money outright stolen, you’re going to be flagged and spammed with scam messages by someone your information has been sold to.

Even on the homepage, you can see everything is kind of cute and playful, there are some pics of grannies, along with a wall of text that incentivizes you that they’re the thing you actually need. If you want to at least take a peek inside the site, well, sorry, but you need an account.

Then when you set it up and search for “Grannies near you”, which to be honest sounds like one of those mock ads on porn sites, you’ll realize that it’s a basic profile. Some features are missing, some of them pretty basic, that you can’t see unless there is some money involved.

It’s a red flag after red flag, especially once you try to chat it up with a hot granny, again, pay them money to even do that. Then here come the spam messages “Unlock xxx by paying xxx”, these guys just have wall after wall of ways to extort money out of their users, under the guise of fucking some GILF’s, and if you haven’t figured it out so far, it won’t happen.

How Does This Elaborate Scheme Work?

It’s quite easy to rack up some pics of older babes in sexy lingerie and set them up to bot accounts which “chat” with you. You’re supposedly chatting it up when every new question and answer bottlenecks you to pay more for some videos and new pics because they won’t do it with just anyone.

You’re practically forced to buy a premium membership which can get quite spicy considering you’re never going to get anything in return. It’s worth noting that this is just one of many granny fuck dating sites under the same wing, they’ve got a lot more of others, and this is where these waters get even murkier.

You have to set up an account, with pics and everything, which, no surprise, are also recyclable. They can then use them to create a bot account under another username and scam someone else, and chances are that’s how they got the pics for these granny accounts as well.

Premium memberships are also recurring, meaning you’re automatically charged month after month until you send them an e-mail to cancel it (which also costs you some money), and prices are: 

  • 1 month for $40.69 
  • 3 months for $62.67 
  • 12 months for $131.87 

Now just imagine you forget to cancel a 1-month subscription, you might be out of hundreds of dollars before you notice something is wrong. That’s part of the reason why you’re heckled into buying them, the guys behind this scam are like vultures, preying on weak to strip them bare to the bone.

Don’t Waste Your Time Here!

Even though it’s clear as day, it has to be said, stay away from this sex dating website called by all means necessary. If you want to hit it up with some real GILFs, there are other ways on more popular platforms.

Here you’re just throwing money to bot accounts and lining someone else’s pockets. These people are shameless cheaters who don’t care that what they’re doing is wrong, but hopefully, some would-be users are going to read this and spare themselves some unwanted headaches.