Review Review is a sex dating website, where you can hook up with grannies in their 50’s and even 60’s. It has an outdated layout for today’s standards and an unassuming landing page where you can see what awaits you behind the website curtains.

And to be honest it is an old and boring show with very few grannies to choose from. It gets even worse when you do decide to join their community and read between the lines in their Terms of Use section. The whole website is one big hoax that can get your privacy in big trouble if you are not careful!

GDPR? What’s that?

Let’s see what will happen if you want to become a part of this online scam. When you register with them, from your private pictures you upload on your profile, to your descriptions and all your personal information, along with the onsite interactions you have with others – will store and gain absolute rights over this content.

It gets even worse from this point on. The data you post can then be freely reused and shared on any other dating services or networks affiliated with They can also sell and distribute this information to other third party network websites with whom they are doing these scam businesses.

Basically, once you post your first photo on it will soon land on other dating sites so they can boost their traffic with fake accounts. has only real women and you can hook up with them anytime.

You will not even know about it, since there is not a single word on this to give you a warning about, other than in the Terms of Use. Really now? Is this the way how you are treating your new users and potential buyers of your premium accounts?

Are you considering paying to be scammed?

When you set up your personal profile and become visible to the public, you will start getting emails from women on You may say that it is not a bad thing, after all dating sites are for interactions between people, but there is a catch and you should be extra careful from this point onwards.

In order to read these emails, you are asked to upgrade your free account to a paid membership. Here are the amounts and time on you can purchase with your credit card:

  1. $7.95 to purchase a 3-day trial membership.
  2. $29.95 to purchase a 1-month subscription to the site.
  3. $39.99 to purchase a 3-month subscription to the site.

If you want to cancel your membership with, you will have to do it at least twenty-four hours before your monthly anniversary date, to avoid being charged for another month of membership.

I can strongly advise you to stay away from, since it is not as legitimate and user concerned as stated on their website. Please read the Terms and Conditions of use on before agreeing to them or paying to use a dating service. I really think they are not worth your time nor your money!