Review is one giant dating hoax. On the landing page they are stating a wide selection of MILF’s, cougar’s, sugar momma’s and other hot older women ready to meet you and go out on a date with you. They are promising they are running a legitimate business, with thousands of members online or in the chat rooms, and of course my favorite, mature woman near your area. All this information is too good to be true, when you are running a scam dating website like Plain and simple, they are here with one intention – to take your money out from your pocket.

Promises are to be broken on

It is all shiny and spectacular when you first open their main page. When you see all the information they are bombarding you with, you think that it is a dream come true for a person who wants to date mature women. But your sex dreams will not become reality on

The process of registration on their website is plain and simple. You need to enter standard information like name, sex, age and email. After a successful registration, here is where you can tell their promises are all lies. You will be redirected to a different website where you are welcomed with a message to buy a premium membership.

You can gladly skip that part for now and enter the world of spamming, false advertisement and fake profiles. I was online for about 30 minutes and in that period of time I received 45 messages from different profiles saying they want to meet me, show me their pictures, and have sex with me, etc. Guerilla spamming at its finest.

There are no grannies, cougars, MILF’s or any mature women to see here. These are all bogus profiles with downloaded pictures from different social platforms. If you want to send them a message or see their pics, you will need to upgrade your account for $1. It sounds really cheap compared to other websites where they are charging more right? Well, you will need to find the section on the bottom to see how much are they really charging after one month of using

Pay that scammer his membership!

Just do not buy anything, plain and simple! That $1 will turn into something like taking more money from your credit card even after you cancel the membership. You will be charged secretly and until you figure out what is happening they can drain your wallet in a matter of minutes. Here is how the scam works. After one-month, your membership renews at $42.48. If you are unable to renew your membership, a $2 convenience fee will be charged. If you are a prepaid card user, $42.48 for a 30-day period will be charged for a membership. or whatever they are called, is a phony dating website. The sad part is, there will always be naive mature men who will pay for that membership thinking they will have a great time. If you are reading this, look elsewhere for a legitimate dating website and stay away from these crooks.